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This program is designed for persons who have experienced the loss of all or part of a limb. The limb loss may be result of birth defect or congenital malformation, skeletal deficiency or from amputation by trauma or surgery. The amputee team is skilled in addressing the issues of vascular necrosis, contractures, edema or swelling of the remaining limb portion, phantom pain, painful neuromas and nutritional needs. Teaching revolves around self care skills, wheelchair level mobility, prosthetic ambulation training, hygiene and care of the residual limb, management of discomfort and community re-entry.

Appropriate DRG's for this Program

  • 113 Amputation due to circulatory disorders
  • 114 Upper limb and toe amputation for circulatory disorders
  • 213 Amputation for connective tissue and musculoskeletal system disorders
  • 285 Amputation of lower extremity for endocrine disorders


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