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All forms of arthritis can affect one's ability to participate in routine home, work or leisure activities. Working with skilled therapist can help manage symptoms and improve function.

At Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, we emphasize individual programming tailored to the individual needs of the person with arthritis. Programming may include:

  • Education on joint protection techniques (how to use stronger joints and muscles to protect weaker ones);
  • Exploration of creative ways to simplify home and occupational tasks;
  • Use of physical modalities (e.g. thermal stimuli, ultrasound) to assist in decreasing pain and improving motion;
  • Recommendation/trial of adaptive equipment to allow greater ease and independence in completing daily tasks;
  • Splinting of involved joints to reduce pain and increase functional use;
  • Aquatics therapy;
  • Development of a home exercise program to maintain and/or increase joint motion and strength.

If symptoms from arthritis are causing difficulty with daily tasks, consult your physician for a referral to occupational and/or physical therapy. In addition to therapy services, Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital also offers a community arthritis support group and a six week self-help course.

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