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The NRH Oncologic Rehabilitation Program is designed to provide reconditioning and functional restoration/adaptation to those who have experienced acute disability in the course of treatment for cancer. The emphasis of our program is upon addressing the functional consequences of surgery, chemotherapy and or radiation as well as losses of function attributable directly to the disease process.

Oncology Program Goals

  • To increase patient's level of functioning, increasing the quality of life through the use of an interdisciplinary team headed by the staff physiatrist.
  • To teach patient/family the necessary skills to increase the patient's independence in home, work, and leisure activities.
  • To control patient's level of pain through use of education, physical comfort measures, medication, and psychological techniques as indicated.
  • To provide support to both patient and family in dealing with their illness and any life changes.
  • To develop a discharge plan that best suits the patient/family needs.

Program Features

  • Interdisciplinary Treatment
  • Occurs under the direction of a staff Physiatrist.
  • Comprehensive Pain Management
  • With access to services of in-house specialty pain management service.
  • Coordination of Rehab with Ongoing Cancer Treatment

Most ongoing chemotherapy is arranged with the referring facility. Radiation therapy can be arranged with the referring facility. If desired, such therapies can also take place at the very nearby Cancer Center at Holy Family Hospital and Medical Center in Methuen, MA (aproximately 10 minutes away).

Team Conferences

Team conferences will be held upon admission and at least every other week until the patient is discharged. The patient's progress, changes in the program or goals, equipment needs, discharge needs and any other problems will be discussed at this time. A team conference report will be typed and sent out to referring physicians and referring facility.

Prosthetic Clinic

Each week a Prosthetic Clinic is held at Northeast Rehab Hospital. The Clinic Team includes a physiatrist, certified prosthetist, physical and occupational therapist and clinic coordinator. Inpatients and outpatients are evaluated for the appropriate prosthetic device and are seen for follow-up appointments to monitor changes and progress with the prosthesis.

Oncology Support Group

The Oncology Support Group is held each week for all inpatient Oncology patients. The Support Group is co-facilitated by a rehabilitation nurse and a psychologist who assist in helping the patients cope with the diagnosis and limitations. The group also encourages peer support among the patients and family members.

Preparation for Community Re-entry

As the patient progresses in his/her level of function, becoming more independent, community out-trips will be scheduled with professional staff to gradually reduce structure and promote patient integration in the community. In addition, more therapeutic day passes and one overnight pass will be scheduled prior to discharge. For patients who will be dependent in some areas of care or mobility upon discharge, family members or others will be encouraged to participate more frequently in patient care and treatment if possible.

Potentially Appropriate DRG's for Oncology Program Referral

  • 239 Pathological fracture and musculoskeletal connective tissue malignancy
  • 274/275 Malignant breast disease
  • 346 Malignancy, male reproductive system
  • 366 Malignancy, female reproductive system
  • 401/402 Lymphoma/non-acute leukemia with operating room procedure
  • 403/404 Lymphoma/non-acute leukemia
  • 407 Radiotherapy
  • 410 Chemotherapy

For more information or if you have questions about the Oncology Program, please call the Oncology Program Director or call a Liaison Nurse at (603) 893-2900 extension 416.

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