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Designed for individuals recovering from hip fractures, multiple orthopedic trauma, joint replacement, or revision surgery, the NRH orthopedic rehabilitation program provides physical rehabilitation treatment for individuals whose cases range from routine to complex. When admitted to the program, patients and their families join the specialized orthopedic rehabilitation team to work closely together on establishing specific goals designed to assist in regaining independence in home, social, and community activities.

Medical Rehabilitation Staff

Each of NRH's six orthopedic rehabilitation specialty physicians is certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Collectively, these physiatrists hold over 53 years of experience-including 25 years at NRH-in managing hundreds of orthopedic rehabilitation cases. Among them, they hold special expertise and interest in acute and chronic pain syndromes, wound care, shoulder/ankle/foot/hip injuries, electro diagnostics, and urodynamic studies.

Program Features

The case management approach employed within the orthopedic rehabilitation program involves tailoring rehabilitation services to meet the needs of patients and payors alike. Team members work under the post-surgical protocols established by a patient's orthopedic surgeon and routinely manage joint revisions, traction, and the removal of hardware.

In addition to the expert rehabilitative services provided by the orthopedic rehabilitation team, specialized medical consultation is available from team physicians in such disciplines as internal medicine, cardiology, and endocrinology, as well as in pain management.


Patients having orthopedic surgery that will require post-operative rehabilitation are encouraged to speak with their physicians before surgery to learn more about rehabilitation options and processes. Similarly, individuals who have sustained orthopedic injury should speak with their social workers/discharge planners. In either case, a referral to a rehabilitation facility should be arranged.

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