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The pediatric program is tailored to young people who require physical, communication, occupational, recreational, educational or neuropsychological therapeutic intervention. Our goal is to help the young person achieve, with joy, his/her maximum potential and independence in functional life skills, in a reasonable amount of time.

At Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, we recognize the importance of coordinating services within an overall program of care through consultation with physicians, community agencies, school districts, specialty clinics, etc. Our role may be as primary caregiver to supplement already existing programming.

In treating children, we find it essential to include family members in the treatment process. We encourage observation and participation in treatment sessions. We encourage observation and participation in treatment sessions. Every effort is made to educate caregivers in the rationale for therapeutic procedures as well as in methods of intervention and how they can be integrated into the child's daily routine.

The physical therapist functions as part of the rehabilitation team on evaluating and treating any disorder affecting freedom of movement, body alignment, postural stability, motor control, endurance and/or the ability to function optimally with peers within a normal home/school/play setting.

Occupational Therapy Services are available for children displaying delays in the developmental acquisition of specific skills or children whose skills are impeded by the sudden onset of disease or injury. Areas addressed include gross motor, fine motor, sensory skills and their integration and perceptual cognitive skills.

The Department of Communication Disorders provides speech-language evaluations and intervention to children of all ages (6 months and up) who exhibit difficulty with: verbal expression, comprehension of language, articulation, fluency of speech, voice and/or eating/swallowing.

When children begin to have trouble at home or at school, the cause of the problem is often unclear. The Pediatric Neuropsychologist provides comprehensive evaluation of learning and emotional difficulties in children (ages 3-18) and young adults.

For more information about the Pediatric Program at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, please call the Pediatrics Program Director at (603) 893-2900, Ext. 497.

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