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Quality of Care

Each NRHN program strives to offer the highest level of rehabilitation care through state-of-the-art and ever-improving practices. Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, NRHN employs a progressive rehabilitation approach, offering a succession of therapeutic services in acute and sub-acute rehabilitation, as well as in home and outpatient care. Equally important, in a health care industry marked by escalating costs, is the fact that NRHN works hard to contain cost and manage each patient's insurance rehabilitation benefits.

Board Certified Medical Care

Within NRHN's team-care approach to rehabilitation, a range of medical specialists and therapists from various disciplines collaborate to help patients recover from/adapt to their disabilities as completely as possible. At NRHN, the team is led by a board-certified physician with specialization in physical medicine and/or neurological rehabilitation. Together, members of the rehabilitation team develop and implement customized treatment programs and build effective relationships with all parties within the rehabilitation process, including patients, their families and physicians, discharge planners, social workers, insurance company representatives, and employers.

A Complete System of Rehabilitative Care

Programming at NRHN has evolved to span the diverse needs of the populations served, with staffing, facility design, therapeutic equipment and levels/settings of care. Inpatient rehab programs in Orthopedics, Stroke , Traumatic Brain Injury, Young Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Reconditioning, Amputee, and Oncology are available. Outpatient programs for all types of acquired physical disability exist and include focused programs for industrial injuries, spine and orthopedics, minor/moderate brain injury, and pediatrics. Homecare services include nursing, infusion therapy, home health aides as well as physical, occupational and speech therapies. Several of NRHN's services extend into community hospital and sub acute care settings via our contract services.

Bridging the Gap Between Rehabilitation and Real Life

Much of what happens in rehabilitation involves learning ways to augment recovery from impairments of health or function, learning ways to adapt when adaptation is necessary, learning what services are available to help with educational, vocational, recreational or financial impacts of disability. Our staff strives (with much success) to equip patients and families with knowledge and skills that can serve them after formal rehabilitation is finished. The current Internet presence represents an extension of this part of the NRHN mission. Ultimately, it is hoped that this Web site will evolve to assist patients and families as well as the broader community of persons with an interest in rehabilitation.

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