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Day Rehabilitation

The NRH Day Rehab program, first launched in 1993, provides a framework for an `inpatient' level of rehabilitation intensity for persons who require that level of care but who no longer require a hospital level of nursing and medical supervision. Participants in this program spend the day in therapies at the hospital and return to their home at the end of the day.

Program Features

  • In-house rehabilitation physician coordinates rehabilitative and medical care;
  • Case management services available for complex cases;
  • NRH Transportation services to and from the hospital are available;
  • Daily access to rehabilitative nursing and cardiopulmonary care services;
    • Wound monitoring/dressings;
    • Medication administration - including intravenous;
    • Medication teaching;
    • Enteral feedings;
    • Respiratory treatments.
  • Bed can be assigned if necessary for use during the day (e.g., for rest, nursing interventions);
  • Dietary/nutrition oversight and counseling by registered dietician;
  • Bi-weekly physician-directed interdisciplinary team meetings;
  • Timely team reports to referring physicians/case managers;
  • Restaurant-quality meals prepared by gourmet chefs (we're not kidding);
  • Separate space (Day Rehab Lounge) within the hospital acts as `home-base' for program participants;
  • Individualized treatment - no automatic enrollment in group treatment sessions. [We occasionally use group-based treatment, but only when this is particularly pertinent to the patient's treatment goals and the `chemistry' of those who would comprise the `group'];
  • Accommodation of varying levels of care within the Day Rehab model depending upon individual case needs - from two to eight hours per day, from three to five days per week;
  • Supervision available for periods during day between treatment sessions;
  • Accessibility to all hospital-based equipment, facilities, clinics, and special services;
  • Community and home-based treatment sessions to ensure competence in real-world carry-over of target skills being addressed in rehab program.

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