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Viewing and printing graphics

Most of the graphical elements within rehabNET are in GIF89a format and use an adaptive 256 color palette. [As the site undergoes revision, graphics will be eliminated, replaced and tuned for the lowest number of "browser-safe" colors]. Our photographic elements are often presented in JPEG format (which has a palette of millions of colors). If you are using a graphics adapter which is set up for less than 256 colors, the graphics will look quite "grainy". Using a setting of 65,000 colors or more will generally afford a respectable rendering of images.

A section containing a number of GIF animations is being released. This medium was chosen from our desire to illustrate certain movements in a way that would conserve bandwidth and allow most of our viewers access the material. Still, the files here are large (150 to 400 Kb). The results were judged satisfactory to testers using 28.8 connections, but for those using 14.4 links these animations are not going to be a pleasant addition. "Tuning" of images has been used in an effort to trim size and we will be looking for ways to further trim them in the future.

Images which are optimized for presentation on a screen are not necessarily going to print well. This is because the resolution of virtually all monitors is far less than that possible with print. Images which are optimized for print are often enormous in digital file size (megabytes) and would take forever to download via the typical 14.4 - 28.8 K Internet connection. Still, for those persons who have a printer capable of 600 X 300 dpi or greater resolution, images contained in rehabNET monographs will print well enough to be useful illustrations.

"Where's the Java?"

The editorial decisions regarding which of the burgeoning web programming features to use in presenting the content of rehabNET reflect an intent to remain as widely accessible to the bulk of web browsers currently in use. There is a strong desire for our pages to be pleasant to view, reasonably fast to transfer (aiming for under 22 seconds per page with a 28.8 K connection), formatted in a "print-friendly" way for those who are going to print out what they view, and easily navigable. The rapidly evolving technologies for presenting animated images, print-like formatting (various fonts, highly formatted text) and multimedia are exciting and fun. But many of these technologies require the very latest editions of a particular web browser (e.g..- Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) or "Helper Application" to use. Their use thus excludes many potential viewers of a site. As Web technologies become more standardized and widely adapted and when a particular format or tool is integral to the presentation of some item of content, they will be incorporated into rehabNET's site.


As traffic through rehabNET grows, the volume of correspondence with some of the authors has been escalating. We very much appreciate all of the positive feedback we've been getting. People are asking very thoughtful clinical questions. Increasing numbers of individuals are seeking advice or direction on clinical matters. We attempt to answer all correspondence personally and in a timely fashion. This is becoming more difficult as volume grows. We shall continue to do our best and just ask for your patience and understanding if you don't hear from us as quickly as you hoped. If we didn't care, we wouldn't be spending our lives in the field of rehabilitation.

Workload permitting, we shall attempt to incorporate some of the questions we've received (and answers we've given) within revisions to content areas, perhaps in the form of a FAQ ('frequently asked questions') or with references/links to sources of additional information.

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