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At Northeast Rehab, we provide services in the following areas:

Inpatient | Outpatient | Home Care | Animal Facilitated Therapy
Sub Acute | Day Rehab | Psychological | Support Group Meetings
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Inpatient Programs

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) is a 102-bed acute rehabilitation facility offering comprehensive inpatient physical rehabilitation programs for both adults and children. We are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO), and serve patients from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas. Inpatient clinical programs include the following:

Amputee   Orthopedics
Burn Treatment   Spinal Cord Injury
Brain Injury   Stroke
Intrathecal Baclofen Trial   Wound Management
Neurological Rehabilitation   Young Stroke
Oncologic Rehabilitation   Reconditioning

Outpatient Programs - Locations
Outpatient clinical programs include the following:

Aquatics   Pediatric Rehabilitation
Arthritis   Pediatric Neurology Clinic
Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)   Post-concussion Program
Hand Rehabilitation   Pulmonary Rehab
Industrial Medicine   Spasticity / Dystonia Clinic
Orthotics Clinic   Continence Services Clinic
Pain Management   Work Hardening

Home Care

Northeast Rehab Homecare provides experienced, licensed professionals provide a full array of home care services.

NRH Homecare Information

Animal Facilitated Therapy

Animals have been used in institutional settings for years to comfort lonely and depressed patients, alleviate boredom, and help make facilities more "homelike." The use of animals, especially dogs, by hospitals in actual treatment sessions to assist neurologically disabled patients work toward achievement of goals related to speech, movement and socialization is a more recent development.

Animal Facilitated Therapy at NRH


Sub acute rehabilitation at NRH was designed for people who have experienced an acutely disabling orthopedic, medical or neurologic condition but who either do not require or are unable to participate in a full acute inpatient program. Persons receiving this level of care have access to the same physicians, nurses and therapy team members participating in our specialty inpatient programs.

Sub-Acute Care at NRH

Day Rehabilitation

The NRH Day Rehab program, first launched in 1993, provides a framework for an `inpatient' level of rehabilitation intensity for persons who require that level of care but who no longer require a hospital level of nursing and medical supervision. Participants in this program spend the day in therapies at the hospital and return to their home at the end of the day.

Day Rehabilitation at NRH

Contract Services

Complete therapy management services, policy and procedure development, training of staff, assessment of competencies, custom/special rehabilitative programming.

Contracted Services by NRH Staff

Support Group Meetings

Support Group Meetings Sponsored by NRH

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