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Animal Facilitation in Occupational and Physical Therapy Sessions

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Increased Upper Extremity
Range of Motion

Throws Object For Dog To Retrieve

Uses Hand Signals To Command Dog

Use Of Leash To Maneuver Dog

Pats, Strokes, And Brushes Dog

Pats, Brushes Dog From Various
Positions, (Sitting,
Kneeling, Standing)

Throws Objects For Dog To Retrieve From Various Positions,
(Seated On Mat Kneeling, Standing, etc.)

Ambulates With Dog, With Or Without Device

Dog Walks With Pt. During Wheelchair


Improved Coordination

Reaching For Objects Dog Has Retrieved

Brushing And Patting Dog

Throwing Objects For Dog (Releasing)

Tone Inhibition

Patting And Brushing Dog To Promote Relaxation