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Before and After You Visit

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  • Groom your dog well, bathe and trim, if necessary;

  • Trim his toenails, file any rough edges;

  • Clean his ears, remove any eye matter;

  • Check his teeth, clean as necessary, use breath cleaner if
    he has "doggy breath";

  • Run a slightly damp cloth or towel over his coat;

  • Pack a bag with items for your visit: towel, paper towels,
    water bowl, water (if the animal is sensitive to water from different sources),
    brush, I.D. (if the facility or program requires it,) any toys or
    simple props for tricks;

  • Don’t feed him before the visit and toilet him right
    before leaving your home;

  • If you have to travel a distance, he may need to relieve
    himself when you arrive. Please be sure to use a designated area and clean up

  • If the weather is unusually severe; hot, stormy, etc.,
    postpone your visit for the sake of both you and your dog ;

  • If it is raining, it may be helpful to get your dog a
    waterproof coat to prevent acquisition of "wet dog" odor in transit
    from car to facility.


  • Allow your dog some "down time" to unwind and
    relax. Be sure to praise him/her for a job well done, and after a rest time,
    schedule some play or a special walk;

  • Feed him at his regular time and be sure he has water;

  • Assess him for stress, being aware of his body language;

  • Put away your visit equipment bag, replace any items as

  • Mentally review the visit and any problems, needed
    changes, etc.