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Burn Treatment

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The Burn Treatment
Program at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) has
been established to serve as a comprehensive community
resource for individuals with extensive second and third
degree thermal or chemical burns.

Burned individuals present with a
number of unique needs which will have an impact upon
many areas of their lives. The NRH Burn Injury Program
meets the challenge of providing individualized and
comprehensive care. This will enable the patient to
achieve maximum healing, maximum strength, range of
motion and positioning, while achieving the highest
possible level of independence. Emphasis will be on self
care, home management, functional mobility and return to vocational/avocational activities.

Burn patients are followed by a
specialized wound management team and infection control
nurse twice a week. As always, the focal members of this
team are the individual and his/her family. The patient
will be active in establishing a personalized set of
goals for rehabilitation utilizing the expertise and the
guidance of all primary interdisciplinary team members.

Typical medical and
functional issues forming focal points of
interdisciplinary address by Burn Program team members

  • Wound healing
  • Prevention of joint deformity
  • Increasing strength, endurance
    and coordination
  • Grafts
  • Scar management
  • Self-care needs
  • Edema management
  • Mobility
  • Pain management
  • Assisting with coping/adjustment

In anticipation for
discharge, NRH provides the patient with emotional
support, counseling, an increased knowledge of all
community resources, outpatient or home care services,
and referrals as indicated.