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Chronic Headache Program

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This program is
designed to treat patients with tension, migraine, cluster or mixed types of
headaches.  Candidates include both those who have not had a satisfactory
response to standard medical and pharmacological treatment, and those who
need or wish to reduce their use of headache medications.

patients need to have had a prior evaluation by a neurologist.  Our
treatment course is time-limited, typically 8-12 weeks.

This program
takes an interdisciplinary approach by providing a treatment team led by a
clinical psychologist and which also includes a physical therapist and a
nutritionist.  A staff physician is available for consultation, and the team
will work with a patients neurologist or primary care physician on
medically relevant issues.


  • Increased
    control and management of headaches

  • Decreased use
    of headache medications

  • Decreased

  • Increased
    quality of life

  • Reduction or
    elimination of headaches

Treatment Modalities May Include:

  • Behavioral and
    cognitive techniques

  • Biofeedback and
    relaxation training

  • Craniosacral
    technique, acupressure, manual therapy and joint mobilization

  • Dietary
    guidance and counseling

  • Stress