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Collegiate Learning Diagnostic Center

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provide rapid, clear diagnosis of learning disabilities, attention deficit
disorders, and other barriers to college success.  Following evaluation,
students will be provided with the information they need to develop an
academic plan based on their areas of strength.  Their schools and national
testing services are then provided with the information they need to offer
appropriate accommodations.


Clinic Features

  • Comprehensive neuropsychological
    testing of intellect, memory, academic achievement, and attention

  • Rapid, clear diagnosis

  • Recommendations to schools and
    national testing services for appropriate accommodations

  • Career counseling tailored to
    students profile of cognitive strengths

  • Individual counseling to break
    through barriers to achievement

  • Medication evaluations

clinic serves college-age students as well as high school juniors and
seniors who are planning for college.  Evaluations include a feedback and
academic planning session.

For more information or to make
an appointment, please call the Psychology Services Department at (603)
893-2900 ext. 728.