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Work Hardening

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What is Work Hardening?

Work Hardening is a systematic
program of gradually progressive, work related
activities performed with proper body mechanics to
physically and psychologically recondition the client
in order to facilitate return to full employment. The
Work Hardening Program benefits clients who are
presently out of work, or who are working at less
than full capacity due to a recent or long term

What does the evaluation
consist of?

An integrated Physical Therapy and
Occupational Therapy evaluation to assess the
client’s musculoskeletal status, physical capacities
and endurance while performing work simulated tasks.
Vocational counseling is used to obtain a
comprehensive work history, define specific goals,
contact the employer, and do a work site visit. Psychology assists with issues that might
effect an individual’s receiving full benefit from
the program and a smooth transition back to work.

What treatment is involved?

The treatment program involves
therapeutic exercise and extensive education in
proper body mechanics. These two aspects are then
applied to work simulation tasks in preparation for
return to work. The program will include job analysis
as appropriate.

What is the duration of

Clients are seen 4-8 hours per
day, 5 days a week. The length of the program is
approximately 5 weeks, however, this may vary based
on an individual’s needs which are assessed at weekly
team conferences.