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Young Stroke Program

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The intensive NRH young stroke
rehabilitation program is designed to provide
cognitive, physical, and behavioral rehabilitation
for the younger patient-under 65 years of age who has
sustained a stroke or brain hemorrhage.

Program Features

The interdisciplinary young stroke
team works closely with each stroke survivor,
providing specialized treatment in areas such as
functional mobility, communication, patient and
family education, medication teaching,
cognitive/perceptual retraining, pre-driving
assessment, recreation and community reentry
training, and psycho-social, sexuality, or vocational
counseling, as necessary.

In addition to the expert
rehabilitative services provided by the young stroke
rehabilitation team, specialized medical consultation
is available to the young stroke patient in such
disciplines as rehabilitative neurology, neuro-opthalmology,
physiatry, psychology, neuropsychology, internal medicine/cardiology,
gastroenterology, endocrinology, and urology, among


Most stroke survivors are good
candidates for rehabilitation services. We recommend
that survivors, along with family members, discuss
rehabilitative options with a social worker to learn
more about what level of rehabilitative care may be
beneficial to them.