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Women’s Health Services……

Women have often been looking for a way to have a more personalized
approach to the issues and conditions affecting Women’s health and
wellness in today’s environment.  NRH-Network has heard this need
and is pleased to announce its expansion of women’s health services,
blending traditional and non-traditional health and wellness programs
geared to women’s needs.  Our programs bring together highly
skilled professionals to provide sophisticated, personalized services
based upon years of education and experience.  The April ’99
opening of our new women’s health and wellness center at Cedardale
Athletic Club in Haverhill, Massachusetts will provide a full range of
health and wellness options in a comforting environment for body and
soul.    Our goal is to assist in total well being which
includes a holistic approach to health and wellness.  Featured
will be traditional therapy, wellness options and alternative
medicine/holistic services.  Complimenting our health product
line will be spa salon services and health/wellness packages. 
Clientele will have convenient access to a full range of health and
wellness options that are traditionally offered only through separate
providers and locations.  Stop by and let us be your guide to
total well being.