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Lower Abdominal Exercises

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Waist Line Cinchers: Lower Abdominal


  • Helps firm up below waist
  • Strengthens lower abdominal muscles
  • Helps support your spine/back
  • Avoids low back and neck straining

Start Up Information:

  • Find Your Pelvic Neutral First
  • Lie on flat firm surface
  • Do not hold breath
  • Avoid belly bulging/bearing down with
  • Concentrate on quality vs. quantity
  • Do only as many as you can do correctly
  • Try in sitting position also


Try up to 20 reps.  Drop reps, and
weights or theraband around ankles for more resistance.


1. Finding pelvic neutral and holding it

a) Standing: Stand with knees slightly bent. Using lower abdominal
muscles, tilt pelvis to mid or neutral position. Keeping abdominal
muscles contracted. You should feel the "corseting" affect of
our abdominal muscles holding you.

b) On back: Pull in lower belly (tight
jeans need to zip them up) to neutral position. Keep muscle contracted
to maintain spine in neutral position, with your back against floor. Use
lower abdominal muscles to "corset" position.

2. Pelvic tilt:  

Roll your pelvis backward, flattening your
back against the floor. Hold your back flat for 10 seconds as though you
were squeezing he juice out of a grape. Relax and Repeat.

3. Leg Slides: Pull in lower belly,
breathe, and slide one leg out along floor then back up to starting
position. Keep Pelvic neutral (avoid arching) throughout movement.
Repeat Alternately.

4. On Back-Knee to Chest pelvic Tilt:
Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on floor with your
hands placed under your low back. Now raise one leg up until the knee is
pointing to the ceiling (lowering the leg relaxed) roll your pelvis back
until you feel your back pressing on your fingers. From this starting
position, lower the leg to the floor without arching your back. If your
back begins to arch, stop and return the leg to the starting position.
Repeat exercise on other leg.

5. Alternative Leg Thrusts/Bicycle: Hold
pelvic neutral. Lift both legs off the floor and gently thrust them
forward one at a time. Pull in lower belly with each leg thrust. Breathe
throughout exercise.

6. Modified Knee to Chest with Toe
Pull in lower belly, pull one leg up to chest, then other leg
up without allowing belly to bulge. Do not arch back or bear down. Touch
toe back down to floor, then bring up, alternate legs.

7. Knee ups: Point your knees to the
ceiling and flex your hips to 90 degrees. Pretend your knees have
strings that connect them to the ceiling. Roll your pelvis back,
flattening your spine, and pretend the strings are pulling your legs
straight up from knees (like a puppet). Try to lift your knees half an
inch, allowing only vertical movement of the thighs. Keep your neck
relaxed and dont forget to breathe out as you lift up.