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Help for Every Time You Laugh or Sneeze

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Help for Every Time You
Laugh or Sneeze is Here

Lisa Flier MacDonald, PT

Do you leak when you exercise or sneeze?
You are not alone. Fifty percent of all women will experience urinary
incontinence at some point during their lifetime. Our bladder clinic
addresses the most common types of urinary incontinence which are
stress, urge and mixed. The clinic should be re-named to "The
Success Clinic" because of the results we have achieved. In a six
month follow-up study one hundred percent of our patients state they
have experienced improved bladder function.

The majority of patients surveyed state
they came to the continence center to avoid surgery. All the surveyed
patients achieved this goal, reduced pad use 94%, and returned to all
their activities without the worry and with confidence.

Treatment at the continence center is
usually once a week for 6-8 weeks. Therapy is tailored to your
individual needs and comfort. It can change your life. For more
information, call Northeast Rehab Health network at (603) 893-2900, ext