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Menopause and smoking

Did you know that an earlier menopause is
associated with cigarette smoking?

Menopause weight distribution

Fighting the shift from pear shape to apple
shape: Is menopause the shift from the female pear body type to the male
apple body type? Pre-menopausal women
tend to carry their extra weight around their hips. During pre/post
menopause, there is a redistribution of body fat from the thighs and
buttocks to the front of the abdominals. This is characteristically
where men carry their extra weight. Contributing to this is the fact
that muscle mass decreases and fat mass increases during menopause. To
fight this, one must do aerobic and strengthening exercises to maintain
the muscle and fight the fat.

Keeping the weight off your knees

A weight loss of 4 pounds or more in
overweight middle-aged and older women can lower the risk for developing
osteoarthritis in the knees.

Did you know that when a woman is pregnant,
her total blood volume is increased by 40%? Proper diet and exercise can
keep circulation running smoothly.

Womens Health Statistics released by
Medicine Works for Georgia – Women have a higher risk of a number of
chronic conditions, including arthritis and osteoporosis

During the first five years after menopause,
a women can loose as much as 1/4 of her bone mass. Calcium is important in
a womans diet.