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Coping with Pelvic Pain

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Coping With Pelvic
Pain: Therapeutic Approach

Stacey Berger, PT

Pelvic Pain effects millions of women
yearly. The symptoms that are experienced can be so debilitating that
they interfere with a womens day to day activities, work , and sexual
function. Conditions are vast in number and range from vulvodynia to
endometriosis. A common denominator in all conditions is their effect on
the muscle and connective tissue of the pelvic floor cavity. Such
conditions are categorized as "Pelvic Floor Dysfunction".

Pelvic pain can be a secondary condition
from initial low back, sacroiliac joint, hip joint problems or abdominal
restriction such as scar adhesions. Pain and dysfunction can greatly
effect functional activities such as household chores, physical
activity, ability to travel, participation in social activities,
relationships with friends, husband/companion, and emotional and
physical well being. Therapeutic intervention addresses muscular
imbalances, weakness, soft tissue restriction, pain and its overall
effect on function. Therapeutic techniques provided by a skilled
physical therapist who specializes in womens health conditions
include biofeedback, physiological quieting, manual soft tissue
techniques, modalities and tailored pelvic floor exercises to improve
tone, muscle extensibility, strength and pain-free movement with
activity. Special emphasis is placed on a holistic approach to managing
the condition including diet, lifestyle issues and patients
individual needs.

Northeast Rehab Healthcare Network womens
health services offers comprehensive treatment to pelvic pain
conditions. Therapists work in conjunction with physician input to
manage the patients pelvic floor dysfunction. Patients are evaluated
and treated in a private and comfortable setting within several of NRHN
center locations including Salem and Windham NH, Lowell and Haverhill,
Ma. For more information on NRHN womens health services, please
contact 603-893-2900 x204.