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How to Reduce the Risk of Knee Arthritis

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How To Reduce The Risk of Knee

Lisa Flier McDonald, PT

Osteoarthritis is the result of wear and
tear on your joints. The symptoms are weakness, pain, stiffness,
swelling, and loss of function. It has been known that excess body
weight increases the discomfort of current osteoarthritis. The reason is
that your knees play a large role in bearing the weight of your body.
Therefore, it makes sense to keep your weight in a normal range via a
healthy diet and regular exercise.

It is good news that we can prevent the
onset of osteoarthritis. Previous womens health study showed that
weight loss of 11 pounds or more in overweight middle aged and older
women can actually lower the risk of developing osteoarthritis in the

Diet and an exercise regime are challenges
to anyones lifestyle. A combination of diet and safe exercising is
necessary for long term management. NRH-Networks Womens Health
Services offers the help needed through nutritional counseling and
physical therapy. Physical therapy is effective in preventing symptoms
and in managing current symptoms. A therapist can design a safe and
effective program for you to keep your muscles strong and to decrease
excess weight while a specialized nutritionist can help design a weight
management food plan that is comfortable for you. A combination of a low
fat, healthy diet and individualized cardiovascular and strengthening
program can make the necessary changes to avoid painful arthritis in
your knees.

*Annals of Internal Medicine 4/1/92.